Auditory Processing Disorder is a terrible thing, especially as it affects children more often than adults. Imagine not being able to adequately process the sounds that you hear. Not having the ability to order the sounds into near and far. How would you spatially understand your place in the universe? What would that be like? It could place you in a highly disconcerting world and nerves would be frayed. How could you learn when your senses do not work properly? What would the classroom and playground at a crowded school be like? Hell on Earth, quite possibly.

Kids are suffering this condition every day all around the globe. It has only recently been identified in the nineteen nineties, before that it may have been bunched in with the broad brush label – learning difficulties. But nobody knew how to treat it because they didn’t know it even existed. Children were categorised into the too hard basket and their whole lives were often destroyed by this condition. Teachers would treat them as sub-intelligent children and society’s investment in these kids would bottom out to nothing. Imagine the frustration these human beings must have endured at the hands of an ignorant world.

Today we can recognise this condition and so we can treat Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) in a holistic manner. There are a number of healing techniques being employed by health experts in the auditory field. Technology is playing a part with sound waves being measured in devices and software enabling practitioners to identify problem areas in the hearing spectrum of affected children. Some of these programs use auditory training in their attempts to treat the condition. Sounds, at various frequencies, are played to those with APD in a bid to train the brain and ear to recognise them. The music of Mozart is employed by some APD Clinics as part of their therapeutic technique. A holistic approach is definitely being taken in the treatment of this condition; drawing together many techniques to heal the child.

Tests are available for parents who wish to ascertain if their child may be suffering from APD. Learning difficulties can be caused by a number of different conditions and it is important to correctly diagnose which condition may be preventing the child from processing the information. Conditions like autism, ADHD and dyslexia also adversely affect a child’s ability to learn at school. Audiologists can check your child’s hearing and ability to process sound through a number of tests, these may be available through the education system.