refugees nauru asylum seekers

My friends, Tony Abbott has gagged the media over asylum seekers. He has gagged the reporting of animal cruelty on farms and abattoirs and he has now gagged detention centre workers from reporting any human rights and or child abuse. Yes, it is now a jailable offence to report the abuse of children in a detention centre.

Children… Let that sink in for a minute.

He has also decided single handedly for the whole country who should and should not be allowed to marry, based entirely on his ownsmall mindedness and prejudices. He has rushed through draconian internet censorship laws and has publicly lambasted the ABC for doing it’s job in merely presenting both sides of a debate.

It might be argued that he is overtly homophobic, sexist, racist and against freedom of speech.

I hope you can all see the inherent danger in the surrendering of our power to such corrupt individuals and governments, and the very slippery slope we are heading down if we allow this to continue unabated.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a Liberal Vs Labor thing, this is a people Vs corrupt power in all it’s forms thing.

I hope by now you are coming to the understanding that all Government is corrupt and no longer has yours or my best interests at heart, and that they serve only themselves and the corporations and banks that fuel an unsustainable economy that is tearing our planet to shreds and causing us to hate one another.

How long are we going to continue to allow ourselves to be distracted by Caitlyn Jenner and X- Factor while our freedoms are stripped away from us one by one?

Please friends, rise up from your slumber… please!