There are many advantages to home schooling your children, when it comes to the actual education of each individual child. The ability to tailor lessons to your particular child’s interests and developmental abilities is very satisfying for both student and teacher. We all learn in different ways and having the power to teach and present information in the most conducive manner to your child is a real joy. Learning becomes easier, less of a struggle, and in many cases a love of learning is fostered by the home schooling experience.

The common refrain heard from kids attending school, is “I hate this or that. I hate reading or maths”; or some such judgement. It is a tragedy to hear such pronouncements and it is indicative of a failure in our educational systems. Learning is not best suited to factory like circumstances, with thirty plus kids of widely differing sensibilities all bunged in together for economic reasons. The real danger is scaring kids off learning forever, making such a botch of it that many would prefer to avoid it altogether.

Life is a lesson, we as adults, pretty much know that, but why are we so afraid of extending that truism to the education of our children. Kids are learning from life all the time. Shopping teaches them about maths, it is hard to buy things without understanding numbers and how they add, multiply and subtract. As a home schooler I involve my children in as many transactions as I possibly can, because they are learning from them. Reading signs as we travel down a road in the car is a favourite past time of my kids, asking me questions about words and names. Home schooling is happening all the time you only have to recognise it.

You can extend from these day to day real life class room activities further by getting your kids to do projects on subjects that interest them. The Internet is, quite possibly, the greatest learning tool ever invented – it is an unlimited information resource. Kids can do digital projects or print them out and create hard copies, on, whatever, my kids did one on sharks, and another recently on slavery. Spend an hour discussing these things with your kids, offering your knowledge and directing them to focus on particular aspects, if so desired. Make it fun and share their enthusiasm for the project – learning becomes easy.

Home education is happening whether you name it or not, but it is so much more inspirational if you share in it with your children.