Recycling and Waste Management Education

Education has the positive power to increase awareness of sustainable waste management practices.  The concept for an environmental education is to empower people of all ages to assume responsibility for creating a sustainable future.

Waste reduction opportunities exist anywhere we have waste. Reducing waste and recycling in the community can be promoted through a lot of channels. Aside from spreading the word through local papers, radios and promotional leaflets, several schools have also supported eco recycling and waste management campaigns to get students and their families develop knowledge about the environment and to create a principle of caring towards the natural world.

There are a number of dedicated Education Centres which provide knowledge and information about sustainable environmental practices. Organisations like OEH supports school students and young people to take action for the environment and sustainability.

Often, people just throw everything in their bins – from plastic toys, plastic bags and electrical items. Too much contamination results in whole loads of recycling being rejected and sent to landfill, costing the taxpayer thousands of money.

One way to effectively reduce waste is through recycling and reusing products is another. There are countless products that can be reused and recycled – everything from paper to clothing and even electronics.

Recycling and waste management education programs are aimed at promoting and effectively increasing the students’ awareness about recycling, and to encourage better recycling attitudes. It’s the perfect opportunity to deliver a comprehensive and consistent message about waste management to the community and schools. Recycling and waste management education programs also aim to:

  • Spread the message of recycling and best practice waste management to the community.
  • Educate the public on how to minimise contamination through the recycling process
  • Get across the importance of recycling and waste management within the community
  • Inform the public about recycled and recyclable products
  • Inform the public about recycling strategies
  • Raise awareness about the problems associated with littering

Waste reduction efforts save money, energy, and natural resources, and can teach children and young adults how solid waste affects their lives and their environment.

There is an increasing awareness about the importance of recycling and reducing the waste we send to landfills. It’s good to know that a lot of people are showing a genuine interest in this matter as this demonstrates and ensures that we look after our environment for future generations. After all, our children will inherit the planet we’ll leave behind and lessons learnt when young form habits in later life.

Peter MacDonald was recently in the news encouraging owners of stained couches and carpet to use a quality carpet stain remover and specialist upholstery stain remover to bring the fabric back to near new and save our landfills.