Life is a gamble, let’s face it. We come into this world from who knows where, via our mother, and we are tasked with surviving and thriving for as long as we can.  Families help as much as they can, some more than others, but we ultimately must walk the talk ourselves. Illnesses abound throughout childhood, along with accidents and other growing pains. Cars and buses pose daily threats to our ongoing existence, not to mention other human beings. Don’t get me started on deadly spiders, snakes and sharks. Actually, the weather is the most dangerous thing on this planet.

High Rollers: Gambling On and Off the Tables

We spend enormous amounts of time and training in the attempt to minimise risks to our security. Parents and institutions encourage us to settle down and save, at the earliest possible moment on our life journeys. Many of us develop the delusion that we are in control of our lives. Despite the undeniable power of the weather, the chances of a motor vehicle accident, terrorism and crime threats, and the genetic lottery for cancer and other terminal illnesses. Life is a gamble, whether you know it or not.

Life Is a Gamble

High rollers like to take that gamble on and to increase their stake in the game. Many of these ‘whales’ want to see if they can beat the house. Gambling for large stakes is particularly big in Asia; where Asian whales play baccarat against the casinos. They play this game because the house has the slimmest advantage over the punter in baccarat. You can pick up cheap bets in other forms of gambling; but the whales buy their chips prior to arriving at the casino. They receive especially marked chips, so that the casino can track these ‘rolling chips’ and the VIP play.

The Real Gambler Has a Plan in Place

Do you have a succession plan in place? In your business and in your life? The chips are not always going to fall your way and the real gambler has a plan in place for this eventuality. High rollers: Gambling on and off the tables, means that realisation of life’s uncertainties prepares one for the result either way. We are all whales to some degree, in that the things we gamble on are, usually, precious to us. Things like: the love of our husbands and wives, our success or failure in business, our family’s wellbeing, and many other big ticket items like these.