Our homes are the insides of our minds made three dimensional. Every room in our house or apartment is home to different aspects of our lives. Our living rooms host a multitude of our recreational activities, as we engage with entertainment platforms like television, computers and books. Dining rooms are places for eating and drinking and sharing conversation. Bedrooms are spaces designed for sleep and sex. Studies come complete with desks for work involving mental acuity. Kitchens are little factories for culinary manufacturing and preparation. A self-help book entitled House Therapy, describes and explains this human mind and home connection in-depth.

Lightening Up Life by Reinvigorating Your Home

Once we, as human beings, understand the importance of this relationship between inner-self and outer-environment, then, the topic of this article is a no-brainer. If we reinvigorate our homes, we reinvigorate our lives. It is a bit like the chicken and the egg, in what comes first and what follows. Do you change your mind, your interests, and, then, consequentially change your living spaces to accommodate the new you? Or, can you adjust and renovate rooms within your house or apartment, and this will stimulate inner-shifts or growth?

In my view, the order of change does not matter that much. ‘As above, so below’, goes the old saying. The connection between home and self is all that matters; and that is something that cannot be denied or forgotten. So, when you do something, like updating a kitchen with a lighting renovation this link can help you with your kitchen renovation, you are adjusting your own outer reflection of something inside you. You are making room for the new you! Shining a light, a new light, on how you feed, nurture and create. Cooking is both nurturing and creative in its essential nature.

Different rooms in your home are directly linked to parts of your personality. They are the stage, the setting, for those aspects of you to express themselves. Lightening up life by reinvigorating your home is smart. Your material realm is your empire, your castle, to redecorate and renovate. Making changes on the outside, can make you happier on the inside – if they are the right changes for you. Think about the rooms and spaces in your home where you spend time and run up against problems. Are there things that you could do to improve these rooms? Removing structural frustrations from your lifestyle is smart living. House therapy can be human therapy, to make a happier you.