Psychic Kids

Interesting to note is that every living being on earth has been gifted with an innate physic ability. However, research clearly indicates that the level of psychic ability in children is way too stronger as opposed to adults. So, yes, children have clairvoyant abilities, but why is this so?

It’s pretty amazing just how kids are able to communicate their needs without having to utter anything. In fact, it’s even more astonishing how they are able to communicate with fellow babies.

Still, isn’t just amazing how kids can perform things, out of the ordinary? Like read people’s future through their palms or see ghosts? Well, it’s one proof of the psychic ability in kids. Through their mind only, they are able to communicate. The ability is so evident during the toddler years when the brain is just starting to grow.

Some of the most prominent psychic abilities evident in children include:

Gift to see auras

An aura is simply the energy field that tends to surround every object, place or person. Through the auras, children can tell about one’s personality or vibes. They can see, as well as read them pretty well. It’s for the same reason that you’ll notice kids exhibiting different reactions towards every new thing they meet like people or places.


Empathy can be explained as the ability to feel sense as well as interpret the emotions of others. It’s nothing close to body language interpretation since any person can do that, but rather the establishment of a connection between individuals. It’s the connection which allows for communication of these feelings. Kids with psychic abilities are able to demonstrate this through:

• A child crying when another child starts to cry.
• Compassion and affection towards others including animals and plants.
• Knowing exactly how one feels despite their efforts to conceal it.

Sixth sense

Ever wondered how a child, out of the blue, just laughs by himself? Well, it’s because they are able to see spiritual entities most people can’t see. They have stronger degrees of the gifts of mediumship. Countless experiences have been narrated by kids of how they talked to a spirit or angel, some even drawing pictures of them after they’ve come out of surgeries or have been through a near-death experience. Watch how a four-year-old has psychic powers.


Telepathy is the ability to perceive the thoughts of another person or be able to communicate one’s own. Such individuals can simply implant one’s thoughts as well as images into another person’s mind. Such situations are very common between mothers and their children. They communicate through mental telepathy.

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Children still possess other clairvoyance abilities as well. They include telekinesis (The power to move something by thinking about it without the application of physical force), precognition, amongst many others you can see at

One undoubtedly sure explanation about all the aforementioned clairvoyance abilities is that any psychic ability has the potential to flourish where one is pure in mind, body and spirit. That’s why children have pure and strong psychic abilities. The emphasis on purity and less distractions also doubles up as one of the compelling reasons as to why one should enroll children to an alternative education system in order to maintain and boost their intuition.

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