A person with high intellectual quotient (IQ) does not automatically mean that he/she is a wise person. As the popular adage puts it, “ From experiences comes wisdom.” One has to experience life’s pleasure first before being well-rounded about life itself.

Wisdom comes with age, too. The Telegraph reported that older people come up with better choices, in contrast to young adults who are impetuous. The study revealed that young people tend to make decisions that will yield to instant rewards, whereas those aged 60 and above will take strategic decisions that account future scenarios.

According to Dr. Darell Worthy of University of Texas, “older adults are better at evaluating the immediate and delayed benefits of each option they choose from.”

“The younger adults were better when only the immediate rewards needed to be considered”, Worthy added. More results from the study from him and his team are published in the Journal of Psychological Science.

Other research showed that people from the old bracket have better economic analysis than their younger counterparts. More so, they demonstrate greater forbearance and more sensible financial and debt cognizance.

Gaining Wisdom

One cannot comment or act upon certain things, events or scenarios if the person hasn’t experienced them. For instance, you won’t know what it is like not being a parent until you’ve been one.

Wisdom is all around us, hence we acquire it by living our life. Before we understand the things around us, we should first understand and appreciate ourselves. From there on, we’ll make headway cracking the world on all sides.

We don’t get to become wise in a snap of a finger. Wisdom is a lifelong process that takes time and living. This being said, we can be shrewd and more discerning with our own two eyes. We can travel the world to be aware of new culture, gain an understanding of the things we are unfamiliar with, and be able to look at the world at a different perspective.

Sharing our own life experiences will allow us to discover new things about ourselves. In addition, it will help us become the person we always aspire to. Since no two lives are one and the same, the slices of our lives can aid in molding the prospects of the people around us.