For all women, menopause is a natural transition they must experience. It’s as natural as adolescence. But unlike it’s centuries-old predecessors, menopause no longer inspires visions of ‘a life come to an end’, granny-hood, old maids or retirement. Today, youthful, wise, vibrant women are instead the representatives of this passage.

Almost all women in any stage of menopause( pre, peri, or post) will confirm to you that it’s a time of considerable growth and change. One particular aspect will be spiritual growth. During this time, menopausal transformation is greatly inspired by how one lives spiritually.

Spiritual Growth

It’s important to highlight that spiritual growth is part of living fully and aging well. Moving into menopause is a major transition and therefore staying focused and centered on spiritual aspects of the process is extremely crucial.

In a society that thrives upon regression, fear and control of feminine wisdom, often, tremendous anxiety and emotional distress will accompany menopause. Many might see it as something else strange and also feel victimized by what a section of the society will say and think of them.

Staying close to God

It’s very important when one stays grounded and open to God’s word each blessed day. So during the transition, draw on spiritual truth as well as God’s promises to defeat anything including what we looked at earlier.

One other thing to also keep in mind is that God designed our bodies to make the change. Understanding menopause as well as how to respond to it can assist a woman through the process. While the transition might necessitate adjustment, it also brings freedom, insights, and fresh spiritual perspectives.

In fact, just understanding that all the changes experienced are part of life, other than just menopause is a great relief in itself.

Spiritual reflection

Remember, at such times, you children will be grown and gone. Your body won’t respond as always. In fact, you’ll feel so distanced from everyone. You’ll wonder how you are going to spend your time now that priorities will have shifted. In short, menopause simply rocks the boat.

But the result shouldn’t be nothing other than a deeper and much more personal faith. Understand how to live a significant life, what’s truly important then, what God expects you to do different and how you can love him better.

In addition, look at what you believe in and reflect on how to leave true to what you believe.


Spiritual pursuits or rather nurturing a relationship with God has been described by most women as the ultimate way to finding relief during menopause. Coping with menopause is a reality every woman will face. So finding a way to get through it is absolutely necessary.

Generally, spiritual realities, although hard to vocalize sometimes, have the potential to bring tremendous blessings of hope and inner peace in the midst of such a transition.