The idea behind archetypes was conceptualised when Carl Jung was developing the human psyche theory. An archetype is described as a collectively-inherited unconscious idea or pattern of thought and whatnot, which exists invariably in everyone’s persona. In addition, it is believed that once discovered, archetypes will help you get to know yourself more and also the people around you.

Over the years, the classic archetypes have transformed and adapted into archetypes that are relevant to today’s society. Before, the usual archetypes include the hero, the mother, the rebel, the sage, the caregiver and the orphan. Today, these archetypes have become the healers, the prostitutes, the warriors, the lawmakers, the merchants, the scribes and the rulers.

The Healers

Even during the ancient times, the Healer archetype has been existent in our culture. Since it is inevitable for humans to run into scenarios that may hurt or injure us physically, emotionally or spiritually, there will always be someone who has a certain knack in helping those who were hurt, injured or wounded. An example of the modern-day Healer is Mother Teresa. She spent most of her life taking care of other people and looking after to those who are in need.

The Prostitutes

The Prostitute archetype is characterized as someone who sells his/her honor and spirit for his/her physical needs. In addition, it is said that this archetype is linked with one’s fears and worries on surviving. One of the literal examples of the Prostitute archetype is sex workers.

The Warriors

These are those who have the capability to defend or safeguard an ideology or an object with great strength, force and fervour. That being said, among the negative poles of the Warrior archetype are coercion and duress. Modern-day Warriors can be found on soldiers, crime fighters and samurais.

The Lawmakers

A Lawmaker is an advocate of human rights and has a desire to change the society. They empower and fight those who cannot do it on their own. Today’s examples are attorneys, legislators, lobbyists and environmentalists.

The Merchants

Today’s Merchants can be compared with the artisans who are creative, resourceful and imaginative. Like modern-day businessmen, these merchants need to come up with ingenious ways on how they can market their goods and services, considering that there is a tough competition in the market.

The Scribes

A Scribe is someone who gathers data or information and keeps it for future use. Examples are accountants, journalists and secretaries.

The Rulers

Rulers embody compassion and heartlessness. Since rulers are compelled to lead and govern, being able to control is typical to this archetype. A negative pole of being a ruler is refusal to accept criticisms and ideas from others.