It may be a line from a song, but money does really make the world go around. It is quite paradoxical that we do not focus on money, per se, when educating our children. There is very little direct reference to money in the modern curriculum. Sure, our secondary school kids do economics, but the focus there is not on personal economics. Are we afraid of teaching our kids about money? Or, is it one of the very few things still seen as the province of the parents? Even, sex education is carried out in our schools, of course, they do not offer courses in love education.

We live in a capitalist, free enterprise society, surely, a focus on money and what to do with it is paramount to properly educating a human being. The 21st century is not that much different from the 16th century, when it comes to managing personal income and expenditure. The basic principles remain the same. You cannot spend more money than you have without suffering the consequences. Those consequences are no longer as heinous, as they were in mediaeval times. A life in debt is still a mostly unhappy existence. Thumb-screws and the rack may not be the tools of the modern debt collector, but psychologically it remains a torturous business.

Transcending Debt for Spiritual Happiness

In every person’s life there are challenges, it is up to us to make personal goals which allow us to achieve the life and the outcome we wish for ourselves. Making financial goals and sticking to them is a reality that every adult needs to develop to become a functional person in society. Those that do not develop good habits miss out on the peace of mind and self-empowerment which comes with being in control of their debt and their future.

A debt free pathway can return a human being to a place where enjoyment and fulfilment are no longer strangers. Transcending debt for spiritual happiness may sound a little strange, but in reality the debtor walks in the shadows of darkness. The dark night of the soul often accompanies failure in the external world. Getting some help, some expert advice and guidance, can make a world of difference to those who have stuffed up things, financially speaking. Money is the material representation of our life energy in many ways; what we give and what we take, is ultimately the signature of who we are we that we leave behind.