Australia appears to be like a great lump of clay, waiting to be moulded into whatever one may hope for. It is a relatively unpopulated giant island continent, ringed by beaches and blue oceans. There is a laid-back atmosphere permeating this blue gummed and red soiled landscape. It may present as the perfect refuge from overcrowded and dangerous places elsewhere on the globe. The world sees Australia through a TV sized Neighbour’s lens, with uncomplicated and politically indifferent inhabitants BBQing at the beach during an endless summer.

What Is Making So Many People Decide to Take On The Australian Lifestyle?

It all looks great from the outside, and is for quite a period of time, especially if it comes as sanctuary from the trauma of war and disaster. Everything is relative after all. Eventually, however, many new Australians begin to miss the cultural flavours and warmth of their homelands. They try to scrape beneath the surface of their adopted culture, beyond the obsession with sport and sensual concerns, like eating and drinking, but come up empty handed. The Aussie lifestyle is stretched over tanned flesh like a pair of Speedos, it is all on the outside, with any inner life hidden away or simply missing.

Some famous Hollywood star once said that Australia is like one big movie set, waiting for something to happen. Well, they are making a few block busters here on a regular basis now, so, maybe someone took notice of that remark. People have built beautiful homes here; and real estate is the fuel that feeds the economic fire Down Under. We have quality health care in this country, quite unlike the failing systems in many other places. Great food comes out of our commercial and domestic kitchens, all over this wide brown land.

Australia is a great place to come for your holidays, but if you want something deeper for your day to day existence, you may well be disappointed. Our short white history is full of black shame; which is why we drink so much, as a nation. Rum, sodomy and the lash, danced a savage jig around the countryside. Double standards were the order of things for the first two centuries of our occupation of this terra nullius. Dark skin and a failure to write everything down, saw Aboriginal tribes massacred all over this land. If you stand alone in a quiet part of the bush, you can almost hear the cries and soft moaning.