Health searches on the internet

Internet searches on health-related issues seem on the rise. The trend is popular worldwide, which implies that most people would rather search for health information online than maybe ask a doctor.

Currently, most people obtain a vast of health information on the internet making other media types like TV news and newspaper less used. Among the respondents who searched for health-related information online, close to 60% cited Google as the ultimate way of finding websites to carry research on.

Using data from Google analytics for the last 12 months, cancer, sexual related issues like herpes, and heart problems dominated the searches in USA. Among the most searched symptoms were skin cancer, followed closely by prostate cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer.

Cancer-related searches

“Health searches focus on different cancers and sexual health issues, which shows that sex and death are still the biggest preoccupations of humans on and off the internet” – Adam Frontier, from SEO company Atomic Digital Marketing.

Breast, lung, prostate, and melanoma cancer account for 60% of all cancers diagnosed in the country. Well, the horrifying figures and facts explain for the increased search online to find more information about the said illness.

Sexual health issues

Sexual health searches are extremely diverse. “Men, for instance, google more about their sexual organs”- Seth Stephens, former google data scientist.

Herpes, a great concern worldwide now, as well as menopause, have dominated the searches in the USA for the last 12 months. The keyword Herpes has average monthly searchs 450,000 and Menopause has about 110,000.

An analysis of the searches seemed to display some of the underlying trends in the spread of other STDs as well as how they are treated. In fact, most of the respondents interviewed about it claimed that they turned to the internet to find information about STDs simply because there was inadequate support from the health care systems. This and many other reasons continue to heighten the online searches for such information.

Overall, all the data obtained about online searches regarding health reveal that health issues are surprisingly common. In fact, a good number of people all around the world are struggling with trending and top searches. It can be said that people come to the internet for sexual health information, heart problems, as well as cancer related facts. According to data experts, the trend is even set to rise in the proceeding years.

Here are health related search volumes in USA

Herpes                 450,000
Cancer                 165,000
Breat cancer       135,000
Prostate cancer  135,000
Menopause         110,000
Colon cancer      110,000
Skin cancer         165,000
Neuralgia            22,000
Heart disease     40,500